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What is MotherKind?

MotherKind is an apparel and accessories based online retail store with all designs made ESPECIALLY for mothers! This means that not only are the designs made with the intention to help mothers relate to one another, and meant to inspire feelings of support in motherhood - but the clothing items sold are selected for a reason. Each item sold is believed to be versatile enough to support the varying roles and needs that a mother faces. 

We use clothing that provides a comfortable, yet flattering fit for different stages of motherhood. Whether you are a mommy to be (congrats!) or recently had a little one (congrats again!), our clothing is meant to be cute but comfortable for the times you are lounging, or the times you have to run to the store. Even for a mom's night out, if your lucky enough to get those! 

Who is MotherKind?

MotherKind is owned and operated by one single mama who designs each and every product you see on MotherKind. Everything is made to be inclusive of all of MotherKind and the designs are able to be put onto the selected apparel thanks to a printing partner who makes each order especially for YOU. All of your customer services questions, any order concerns, or just general questions and conversation are received by the owner and will be responded to directly to give you individual time and attention to address your needs and be sure you have the best possible shopping experience with MotherKind!

Why MotherKind?

This site was inspired by the acts of kindness among mothers that are sometimes the small gestures that get you through a day of motherhood once you are there. As a single mother, there are many times that I relied upon other mothers whether they were close friends, total strangers, the mom that I was giving hand-me-down clothes to once my baby outgrew them, my family, or a stranger in the grocery store line. Every little head nod of encouragement during a tantrum, or every offer to come drink coffee during nap times has held a special place in my motherhood journey. For this reason, I could think of no better community of people to design and work for than all of MOTHERKIND. 

Connecting with MotherKind on Socials 

MotherKind was designed to be not only a great place to shop for fun mama apparel and accessories, but also a community of mothers coming together and relating to one another in their own journeys. There can be something extra comforting knowing you're not alone in a particular phase, or just to have someone cheering you on when you just need a nap and can't take one! All mothers and kind others are encouraged to follow along on social media pages linked below and share your own mom life stories, best and worst advice, ask questions and seek support - after all, there is no one who gets motherhood quite like another mother. We are all winging it, so let's wing it together! 



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Processing time for your order is currently 5-9 business days from the date of your order until shipment heads out to you. You should be able to see an "Estimated Delivery Date" or window on each product page and throughout the checkout process on our website. This estimated window is calculated using details about where your order will ship from, and the distance and time to arrive to you.

We appreciate all of your patience, and if you are experiencing longer than usual delivery times beyond the processing window, please be sure to contact customer service at or fill out a contact form here to let us know so we can check on things to make sure all is right! 

Shipping rates are calculated at checkout based on your selected items and your location.


Motherkind is partnered with a professional print-on-demand company in order to provide unique designs on a larger collection of choices and options for you to shop! This means that each order you place is made JUST for you! While we strive to bring you more variety and freedom of choices, we are still a mama owned & operated, small business at this time. This means that each and every order is special, meaningful, and helping build MotherKind up to reach other mothers like you.

For this reason, at this time MotherKind must follow the return and exchange policy in place with our printing partner. Printful's current policy is that returns are accepted only in the event that you receive a defective/misprinted or damaged item. This means that a change of heart is specifically not covered, and thus it is important to us that we are able to help you put thought and love into choosing each of your items and we are here if you have any questions!

If you receive an item that you believe is defective or misprinted, please kindly contact us promptly within seven (7) days of delivery with photographs of your item and a description of the issue so that we can begin the refund process or take the appropriate steps to replace your item, if applicable. Please reach out to customer service at or contact us here.

Most importantly, your satisfaction is the highest priority, and we want you to be happy. If you are not satisfied with your order for any other reason, please reach out to customer service at or contact us here to let us know what we can do to make things right. 


Since exchanges for sizing is not available at this time, it is of course super important to us that we are able to help you find your best fit for all of your new mama gear! For that reason, we are available at any time to help with sizing decisions and you can contact us using this form or by reaching out directly via email to Since the sizing and fit will vary based on your desired items, we also strongly recommend utilizing the size guide and charts that are provided directly on each product page to ensure the measurements look right for you! 

You can also chat with us at any time to help with sizing, color, or purchase decisions and concerns using the chat function on our page!


At this time, MotherKind is not accepting customized orders or versions of existing products offered on the site. However, if you do have a custom request or are interested on having the designer of MotherKind items work on a custom item for you - you can visit the sister site to Motherkind, which is specifically dedicated to handmade, custom items only! Visit the Unrooted Custom Co. shop here.

Still Have Questions? Contact Us Directly!